2018 Tax Year Information for Employees

It's a new tax and payroll year, and a time when confusion is rife amongst employees about new tax codes, tax thresholds and more. 

Help out your employees and payroll / HR teams this year with this employee guide to the new tax year. 

We are putting the finishing touches to the 2018 version. To receive this when it is ready, just add your name to our New Tax Year mailing list. 

The guide will be in a PDF format and suitable for you to share directly with your employees. 

Here's an example guide that we created last year


Auto Enrolment

As some employers will already be paying above the minimum employer pension contribution we have decided to produce two versions of the guide - one with information on the new auto-enrolment minimum contributions, and one without.

Just use the form to indicate which option you would like to receive - or you can request both.

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